About Us

Charlotte James

At Charlotte-James we have been combining the cosmetic and medical aspects of skin care since 1982. It was an idea inspired by my days at USC as a post graduate chemistry and pre-med student. While working for two well-known dermatologists, I was struck by the rift between the sciences and beauty industry. Both were dedicated to treating and bettering the skin, yet were skeptical of each other’s methods.

This seemed illogical, since there was so much knowledge on either side of the chasm. It occurred to me that building a bridge was not only a timely idea, but necessary if skin care was to truly progress. With the help of the doctors, we created a unique program that combines scientific breakthroughs – the safety and stability of medicine, with the more artful benefits of treatments aestheticians have been practicing for years. We are a team of certified aestheticians but with extensive training in dermatological procedures and are able to recognize a variety of skin conditions. Since no two people are exactly alike, we customize each treatment. Our fees include all necessary preparations, so there is never a need to upsell during treatment – thereby not distracting ourselves or our clients from the matter at hand – your skin.