Charlotte James

Charlotte hails from Boston (where they say that sort of thing). In spite of living in Los Angeles for the last 30 years, she remains a staunch Celtics and Red Sox fan. She attended American University where she started to study foreign affairs. When she realized she couldn’t even handle domestic ones, she switched majors to psychology and education. After graduation she taught special needs children in DC. (Little did she know at the time that this job would prep her for dating in LA.) She went back to Boston University to work on a masters in psychology and art. Needing a job, she went to work for a friend who was a dermatologist just starting his practice and teaching Harvard’s dermatology residents. Accidentally she became a nurse.

Since she enjoyed following all of the dermatology residents around (they were hot), she decided she wanted to become a dermatologist herself. First, however, she needed a vacation. While visiting her cousin in LA who was at USC, she found out they had a pre med program for “older students.” Liking the weather, she joined her cousin at USC and worked for two well-known dermatologists (who graciously allowed her to leave early so she could take her physic’s classes). While working with these physicians, she noticed dermatologists didn’t seem to like estheticians and vice versa. She thought, “Why can’t we all just get along?” (And that was pre Rodney King!) Charlotte talked the doctors into sending her back to school (yet again) to get her license as an esthetician. In 1980, she started treating teens on Saturdays. Around the same time, ABC Television was doing a 5 part series on skin care and interviewed her.

Charlotte and the dermatologists joined forces and became The Charlotte-James Facial Care Clinic officially in the fall of 1982. She hasn’t looked back (well, she did once and tripped). Exhausted from acquiring three masters degrees (and school debt). Charlotte loves the challenge of using all that she has gleaned from her past creative, psychological and intellectual endeavors to help each and every client/patient not only look better but feel better when they leave.

Robin Harris

Robin Harris is the State of California Board Examiner of Electrology in Southern California, and has been a registered electrologist and teacher for over 15 years. With her extensive experience and knowledge of all skin types, Robin has become known as the “electrologist’s electrologist.” She has worked alongside dermatologists and plastic surgeons and has done extensive research on ethnic skin types and their inherent problems of hyper-pigmentation and folliculitis. Known as one of the few electrologists experienced in male genitalia hair removal, Robin is the “go-to gal” for difficult and challenging cases. Robin has recently been honored with the prestigious Certified Professional Electrologist Certificate, a national honor in her field.

Milla Kitt

Milla Kitt is an aesthetician specializing in anti-aging treatments and eyebrow shaping. She was born in Moscow, Russia, and she began studying in 1979 to become an aesthetician. She learned how important the medical aspects of skin care are to the health and appearance of the skin.

In 1982, she immigrated to the US, where she continued to study skin care and eventually earned her aesthetician’s license. But it wasn’t until 1996 that she joined Charlotte-James Skin Care. Along with Charlotte, Milla was one of the first aestheticians to perform microdermabrasion (a rejuvenating technique that uses small crystals to smooth skin and reduce wrinkles). As a result of her early experience with this skin refining technique, Milla says that the key to healthy skin is “exfoliation, rejuvenation and sun protection.”

With 30 years of skin care experience, Milla has developed two distinct areas of expertise: anti-aging and eyebrow shaping. For anti-aging treatments, Milla uses a mixture of techniques like LED Lights, Acid Peels, and Oxygen Facials. She consistently studies new techniques to keep up with the current skin care tends. She has learned through the years that good skin sometimes takes patience and that one must be consistent with taking care of the skin, especially when treating particular problems like acne and deep wrinkles.

Benjamin Swartout, M.D. AAFP

We are excited to have available to our clients the expertise of this brilliant plastic surgeon, Dr. Swartout. A graduate of Harvard, Albert Einstein and NYU, he is board certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and excels in rhino plastic surgery.

Dr. Swartout is a man of many talents. He has published numerous papers, while scuba diving, skiing, and playing the guitar. His caring and compassion led him to work for Habitat for Humanity, supply food to battered women’s shelters, and counseling AIDS victims while in medical school. He even made the swimming finals for the ’92 Olympic trials! What a slacker!

He is available for consults, performs a variety of peels, including the Vi peel for facial rejuvenation and discoloration. He also does Botox, Juvederm and Restylane injections and can even perform small surgical procedures
right here in the office.

Dr. Jeffrey P. Olson

Originally from Chicago, Dr. Olson has been in Los Angeles for nearly five years building a practice including alternative medicine, wellness, and aesthetics, including Botox, Dysport and fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane. He trained at Chicago Medical School and was enrolled in a top 10 residency program at University of Chicago Hospitals through 1999. The Chairman at the time was now infamous Dr. Michael Roizen, coauthor of “You on a Diet” and “Real Age” along with Dr. Oz. Through his knowledge of fitness and nutrition and belief in microinjection, he aims to achieve natural, functional, beautiful results.